API Overview

The Kyckr live company data application programming interface (API) provides direct access to over 300 Corporate Registries and Companies Houses globally from a single, standardised user-interface. It is available to implement into existing systems and processes. It is easy to use and can be used to find live company data quickly and easily for all compliance needs. We provide both REST and SOAP APIs for easy integration.


The first step in an onboarding journey is to use our search API to confirm that a legal entity exists and is registered.

Within the JSON response is a unique identifier codeField that you will use for any additional
API calls on that company.

Company Profile (Lite and Core)

Once you have located the correct customer you can proceed to gather the information you need for onboarding. You can retrieve either a Lite Profile or an Enhanced Profile (Core API).

The information is pulled directly from the registry in real time. We return the data in a standard JSON format so that it can be easily mapped into your platform regardless of the registry you are targeting.

Registry documents

If you need additional information to onboard a company you can order documents directly from the registry. You can pull back a list of available documents before proceeding to place orders.


UBO Verify automates the analysis of corporate ownership structures and calculates ultimate beneficial ownership at the click of a button, meaning accurate UBO identification in minutes not hours. It's a software tool which sits on top of the Kyckr registry network, retrieving profile information across jurisdictions and automatically analysing into calculate ownership.

What’s Next