Searching for a company

The first step in an onboarding journey is to use our search API to confirm that a legal entity exists and is registered.

Within the JSON response is a unique identifier codeField that be used for any additional
API calls on that company.

Retrieving a company profile

Once you have located the correct entity, the next step is to retrieve the information necessary to verify it, by ordering a company profile.

Kyckr provides both 'lite' profiles, which are suitable for verifying basic details about an entity like its name, address, status and registration date, and 'enhanced' profiles, which additionally include associated persons such as company officials and shareholders.

The information is pulled directly from the registry in real time. We return the data in a standard JSON format so that it can be easily mapped into your platform regardless of the registry you are targeting.

Ordering original registry documents

If additional information is required to onboard a company, users can also order original registry extracts and filings from the relevant corporate registry.

Our API includes the ability to retrieve a list of available documents, place an order and retrieve a list of orders.