How do I know what information is available at different Registries?

When you integrate with Kyckr we will provide you with a matrix that details which fields in our Lite and Enhanced profiles are populated for each jurisdiction. you can also find high level information using our Coverage Portal .

I know the company exists but I cant find it when using Search?

If the company exists at the registry you will be able to find it using our API. If you cant find the company then you will need to alter your search terms. Try simplifying the search, and make sure that you are searching in the correct jurisdiction.

Does Kyckr format any data in responses?

Kyckr has been working on normalizing key fields in our responses, to create a standard lexicon for certain important pieces of data. This will always be provided alongside the original data from source. So far we have rolled out a Normalised Legal Status, there are 3 status for Normalised Legal Status.


Kyckr will be introducing some additional fields to provide normalised data for key fields in the future.

Will Kyckr be introducing Versioning?

Yes, we are working on introducing versioning and we are excited to share updates on this with you soon.

I don't know the country I need to search in, is there a Global search?

Yes, Kyckr has an endpoint that searches across a cached dataset of companies. Whilst this dataset is not updated in real-time, it is possible to search across jurisdictions so that you can retrieve the correct ISO code

You will then be able to do a real-time search on the correct registry using Kyckr's search API.

A registry that I need isn't available in Test, what can I do?

With some registries it is not possible for us to offer a Test service that matches the production capability of that registry . If you need to see an example response for a particular registry, or if you just want to be 100% certain that it
works in Production then don't hesitate to reach out to us.