Information about our Test Environment

You can use our Test API when configuring your system to consume Kyckr data. This has the same functionality as our production API, you will be able to see the JSON response for all calls so that you can start mapping.

Important differences between Test and Production

  • The main function of our test environment is to allow developers to test the end to end process from searching a company to then ordering profiles and fillings.
  • It is important to note that some registries don't keep their Test environments up to date with production. If you can't find a company or if data is not accurate this does not reflect what you will see in live.
  • You should not be using our Test environment to confirm if Kyckr's API connection to certain registries works. When you integrate with Kyckr we will provide you with documentation on the data available in each jurisdiction. In production, if a company exists at a registry, you will be able to find that company using Kyckr API.
  • The performance in Test is not indicative of the performance in Production.

Ordering Documents in Test

  • The UK is the only jurisdiction in our test environment where you can Order and retrieve all documents that come back in the filling search.
  • Outside of the UK you will still be able to retrieve a list of available fillings. but these orders will not be completed.

Stub Responses

For some jurisdictions we provide a stub response when using the get Lite or Enhanced profile call. This means you can still see a response in your testing. You can use our Search API to obtain a unique Company ID, but when retrieving an enhanced profile you will always see the same company being pulled back. These jurisdictions include:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong

Countries that are unavailable in test:

Lite API:

  • Gibraltar, GI
  • Italy, IT
  • Lithuania, LT
  • Malta, MT
  • New Zealand, NZ
  • Spain, ES

Core API:

  • Italy, IT
  • Lithuania, LT
  • Malta, MT
  • Spain, ES