Order a document

The Product Order call will allow you to order filings from the registry. This call is a POST and you will need to provide details in the body.

To order a filling from the registry you need to provide the following variables:

Required Fields

  • 2 digit ISO code
  • productKey (This is the idField from the search)


  • comapnyName
  • orderRef

Order Reference

To help organise all of your orders you can provide a reference for each order you place. This reference will show in the response when you place the order and can be used to retrieve the document at a later date.

The below example was ordered using the following URL and Body:

curl --location 'https://rest.kyckr.com/core/filing/order' \
--header 'Authorization:{{apiKey}}' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
    "countryISO": "GB",                                             // ISO of jurisdiction for document required
    "productKey": "CHON_Q0hfQ29tcGFueU1vcnRnYWdlc18x_MTE2NTUyOTA=", // idField from Filing Search
    "companyName": "Kyckr UK LTD",                                         // Name of company 
    "orderRef": "Example 1"              // Your reference for this order (can be used to retrieve order details)

When you request the document using this POST you will get a response confirming the order was successful

    "Result": true,
    "Message": "Order Successful",
    "orderRef": "Example 1"