Retrieve an ordered document, or check on its status

To obtain the URL link to the PDF document, you can use the order status call. It's possible to target a specific order using an order reference, or, you can see all orders within a certain time period


For documents that have a delivery time you will need to poll our system until that document is available. You will know that the Order is ready when the statusField changes form 1 to either a 2,21,3,5 or 9. We would advise that you Poll once every minute however we can offer advise on more bespoke setups depending on the jurisdictions and documents that your typically order.


1: Pending – Order in progress
2 or 21 or 3: Ready – Document ready to download
5: Order Failed
9: Order Cancelled

Order Status

When retrieving a list of product orders you can either pull back all of your orders or you can target a specific order using the orderRef. you can also reduce the number of results returned by passing a parameter for ordered within days.


  • Order Reference (Specified in the POST)
  • Ordered Within (The number of days returned in the response)

The below example was retrieved using the following GET request:

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: {{apiKey}}' \

Example response

        "aVAILABLEField": 1,
        "aWAITING_DELIVERYField": 0,
        "dELIVERY_ERRORField": 0,
        "accountIdField": 0,
        "nodeIdField": "GBR_1000",
        "orderDateTimeField": "2023-02-21T09:25:44.417",
        "orderReferenceField": "Example 1",
        "descriptionField": "Company Mortgages",
        "productOrderIdField": 2573359,
        "sentToClientField": false,
        "statusField": 3,
        "urlField": "",
        "formatField": "",
        "filingOrderIdField": "CHON_Q0hfQ29tcGFueU1vcnRnYWdlc18x_MTE2NTUyOTA="