Order registry extracts and filings

For all 300 registries included on Kyckr’s network, we also aim to provide access to all publicly filed documents which are available at the registry.

There are well over 1000 different types of document available to customers, including:

  • PDF Registry Extracts (containing profile information and associated persons)
  • Beneficial Ownership Statements
  • Certificates
  • Declarations
  • Financial Statements
  • Formation Documents

Whilst many of our most popular documents are retrievable instantaneously, there are many that require a degree of manual retrieval from the registry, which is conducted by the Kyckr team on your behalf. There's no difference in the user journey for these types of documents, although you may experience a slight delay between ordering the document and it being available to download.

We pride ourselves on speed of delivery and close to 90% of the documents on our network are delivered in 15 minutes or less.

Video Tutorial - Ordering and Retrieving Documents