Response Codes

SUCCESS100AllRequest completed successfully
SERVER_ERROR500AllUnanticipated error
NO_RESULTS102Search, FilingsSearch of source was successful, but result was an empty list
REGISTRY_NOT_AVAILABLE104AllUnable to connect to a registry that we can normally service
COMPANY_NOT_FOUND105Profile, FilingsRequest was unsuccessful because the company does not exist
INVALID_REGISTRATION_AUTHORITY106Profile, FilingsThe contents of the regAuth parameter were not valid
PARAMETER_NOT_SUPPORTED107AllThe parameter included is not valid for this endpoint
TOO_MANY_MATCHES109Search, FilingsSearch was unsuccessful because too many matches were returned
COMPANY_NUMBER_NOT_VALID_FORMAT110Number Search, Profile, FilingsThe company number specified does not match the format expected for a particular jurisdiction
PRODUCT_NOT_AVAILABLE111AllThe combination of ISO code and Product is not one that exists
INVALID_ARGUMENT112AllInvalid argument used
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS402AllAccount has insufficient funds to transact