Retrieve a company profile which includes representatives and shareholders

You can pull back a company profile including information about Directors and shareholders using our Enhanced profile. This includes all of the information contained within the Lite profile, but adds in any details of associated persons or entities that are filed at the company registry. The profile includes (where filed in structured form at the registry):

  • Registration Information (Lite profile + expanded details where available)
  • Share capital structure
  • Company Officials (incl. Directors) – including function, date of birth and address.
  • Shareholders (Beneficial owners) – including share count, share percentage and ID information.
  • Ultimate Beneficial Owners – where filed in structured form.


You will first need to search the registry to find the entity. the search will confirm that the entity is active and provide a unique identifier for that company in codeField. You will need this value to order an Enhanced Profile. Some registries will also provide a Registration Authority Code registrationAuthorityField,

Order a Enhanced Profile

To order an Enhanced Profile from from a registry you need to provide the following variables:

  • Code Field
  • 2 digit ISO code
  • Registration Authority Code (If provided in search)

You can see below examples of Director and Shareholder information that was contained in the Enhanced Profile for Kyckr. The Enhanced profile was retrieved using the following URL GET request:

curl --location '' \
--header 'Authorization: {{apiKey}}' \


Here you can see from the percentageField that Kyckr UK Limited is 100% owned by Kyckr Limited. The field ShareholderTypeField shows us the the shareholder is a company "C", If the shareholder was a person the UK registry would denote this as "P".

"shareHoldersField": [
                    "nameField": "KYCKR LIMITED",
                    "percentageField": "100",
                    "allInfoField": "1.00 ORDINARY  GBP 1.00",
                    "currencyField": "GBP",
                    "nominalValueField": "1",
                    "shareCountField": 1,
                    "shareTypeField": "ORDINARY",
                    "shareholderTypeField": "C",
                    "totalShareCountField": 1,
                    "totalShareValueField": 1,
                    "totalSharesField": 1

Video Tutorial - Retrieve an Enhanced Profile

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