Search for a company if you know the jurisdiction

If you know the Jurisdiction that an entity is registered in then you can use Kyckr's search APIs to confirm that an entity does exist on the register. You can search the register either using the company name or company number.

Using Company Name

You will need the company name and ISO country code of the jurisdiction you want to search. From this you will receive a list of companies from the chosen registry. You will also receive the code field which can be used as a parameter for other API calls.

Using Company Number

You will need the company registration number and ISO country code of the registry. From this you will be able to determine if the company exists in the chosen registry and if the company number you’ve been provided is valid.

What Details are Provided in the Response

Depending on the registry, different information is provided in the response for a search. For the purposes of verifying an entity the most important fields are:

CodeField = A unique code for that entity that you would then use for ordering a company profile or retrieving registry documents.

LegalStatusField = Confirms if the company is active or inactive

nameField = The full name of the company on the register

In the below example you can see that Kyckr is an active company and that we have now retrieved a unique identifier in the codeField that would be used for subsequent API calls. We can also see that the full name for Kyckr is Kyckr UK Limited.

    "companiesField": [
            "addressesField": [
                    "countryField": "United Kingdom",
                    "addressInOneLineField": "Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX",
                    "addressLine1Field": "Kemp House",
                    "addressLine2Field": "160 City Road",
                    "cityTownField": "London",
                    "postcodeField": "EC1V 2NX"
            "codeField": "11655290",
            "companyIDField": "11655290",
            "legalFormField": "ltd",
            "legalStatusField": "active",
            "nameField": "KYCKR UK LIMITED",
            "officialField": false,
            "registrationAuthorityField": "Companies House, United Kingdom",
            "incorporationDateField": "2018-11-01"
    "transactionIdField": "1523472",
    "responseCodeField": 100

Video Tutorial - Using Search API's

Registration Authority

In Germany and Canada, the search will return additional fields for Registration Authority:
"registrationAuthorityField": and "registrationAuthorityCodeField":
If these fields are provided then you HAVE to use the value supplied in registrationAuthorityCodeField as a parameter to order a company profile.

You will not be able to use "registrationAuthorityCodeField" as a parameter in the Search by Name or Number.

In the below example you can see that there is a "registrationAuthorityField": and "registrationAuthorityCodeField" in the response (Lines 16 and 17).

 "companiesField": [
            "addressesField": [
                    "countryField": "DE",
                    "addressInOneLineField": "Gütersloh, Germany",
                    "cityTownField": "Gütersloh"
            "codeField": "VR 1464",
            "companyIDField": "VR 1464",
            "legalFormField": "e. V.",
            "legalStatusField": "active",
            "nameField": "Audi-80-Scene e. V.",
            "officialField": false,
            "registrationAuthorityField": "Gütersloh district court",
            "registrationAuthorityCodeField": "Gütersloh"

You would then need to use the "registrationAuthorityCodeField" as a parameter to order a company profile, lite profile and for a filling search.

curl --location ' 1464?RegAuth=Gütersloh' 
--header 'Authorization: {{apiKey}}' 

Video Tutorial - Registration Authority Parameter

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