UBO Verify

What is UBO Verify

UBO Verify automates the analysis of corporate ownership structures and calculates ultimate beneficial ownership at the click of a button, meaning accurate UBO identification in minutes not hours. It’s a software tool which sits on top of the Kyckr registry network, retrieving profile information across jurisdictions and automatically analysing it to calculate ownership. The service combines Kyckr’s unique data network with cutting edge extraction and visualisation capabilities which are licensed from SimpleKYC – an Australian RegTech company which Kyckr is in partnership with.
A UBO Verify report contains several different presentations of the underlying information:

UBO Verify API reference

Static Ownership Tree

a graph visualisation of the ownership tree, showing the various branching ownership layers and any associated company officials. To be shared with any guests as it does not allow for editing of the tree (a planned feature in future).

SVG of the Ownership Tree

A configurable SVG file which can be used to insert the tree as an image into a workflow platform.

List of Calculated UBOs

UBOs will be identified according to various configurations set by the user, including ownership threshold (default=25%) and whether Directors of the primary company are included.

Registration Details

Registration details of the primary company being searched – equivalent to the information found in an Enhanced Profile.

Intermediate Beneficial Owners

Intermediate Beneficial Owners refers to any entities which are not ultimate beneficial owners (i.e., not natural persons) in practice this means any holding companies and entities which are part of the structure of ownership. Detail included is equivalent to the enhanced profile for each entity: registration details, Directors and where possible, Shareholders.

Non-Beneficial Owners

Any entity where shares are held on behalf of an individual, such as a trust.

Unknown Ownership

Any ownership that could not be identified.

Risk Flags

A set of flags which alert the user to areas for further investigation, e.g., a branch where Kyckr was not able to pull any further detail, a person who we were not able to locate, an entity which may be a trust.

What’s Next

See our API reference for further details

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